A tribute to Rise of the Triad (Remastered)

Original version got really screwed up by both my encoder & YouTube compression. This is an attempt to correct that. Now presented in proper aspect ratio:

Ween: The Prophecy full AdLib soundtrack

A full OPL2 soundtrack from the game Ween: The Prophecy (Coktel Vision, 1992) by Charles Callet. The game was released as just “The Prophecy” in America by Sierra On-Line in 1993.

Download here: http://www.dosnostalgia.com/files/ween_ost.zip
Extracted with a new tool by Sven “DrMcCoy” Hesse: http://github.com/DrMcCoy/CoktelADL2VGM/releases

DOS Nostalgia Podcast #09: Flightsims

A pilot by day and a DOS enthusiast by night (and sometimes the other way around) Chris Olson joins yours truly to discuss a rather popular (back in the DOS days) genre of flight simulator games. Unbuckle your seat belt, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Download MP3: http://www.dosnostalgia.com/podcast/dosnostalgia_ep09.mp3

Follow Chris on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CGOApps

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Carmageddon: The Rolling Demo

This is a video trailer for Carmageddon that could be found in a bunch of places. Mine is from Redneck Rampage cd-rom.

Buy the game here:
GOG: http://www.gog.com/game/carmageddon_max_pack
Steam: TBA

Nikita logo 1994

A cool animated logo of a Russian company Nikita only featured in one game (as far as I know) – White House Siege (aka Super Toppler), a sequel to their first international hit Perestroika. Sound from PC Speaker.
The music is a classic tune by Mikhail Glika which was modern Russia’s first anthem (no lyrics) before the USSR anthem with new lyrics replaced it.

DMA Design logo 1997

This publisher-developer logo was taken from Grand Theft Auto (DMA/BMG, 1997)

ORIGIN FX logo 1990

A cool logo taken from Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire by ORIGIN Systems, 1990. Also seen in Wing Commander 1 & 2, and with the planet replaced with Mars in Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2 – Martian Dreams

1991 Martian Dreams version:


Tomahawk logo 1991

A logo for a French publisher Tomahawk taken from 1991 Coktel Vision title A.G.E. (Advanced Galactic Empire)

Frédéric Motte – Coktel Vision

Here are four AdLib tunes from Coktel Vision games composed by Frédéric “El Mobo” Motte (then known as Moby.)

Download all four as mp3 files in one archive: http://www.dosnostalgia.com/files/elmobo_coktel.zip

You can find tracker versions of these tunes and support the composer here: http://elmobo.bandcamp.com/album/early-years-coktel-vision

These were extracted using a new tool by Sven “DrMcCoy” Hesse: http://github.com/DrMcCoy/CoktelADL2VGM/releases

My Coktel Vision wish came true!

Greetings, everyone!
If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I’m a big fan of a French game company called Coktel Vision. For YEARS I wished there was a way to extract the wonderful OPL music from these games and now there is!

Thanks to the most amazing Coktel expert Sven Hesse aka DrMcCoy there’s now a program that scans the resources of a Coktel Vision game and extracts & converts all the music into VGM format. I can hardly believe it!

You can get the source code as well as compiled Linux & Windows binaries here: http://github.com/DrMcCoy/CoktelADL2VGM/releases