Nor’easter February 2017 live stream archive

Got snowed in again. Good thing I’ve got DOS games! Got to play a few fun ones despite my internet cutting out due to bad weather a few times.

Games in this stream:
00:06:56 – Fire & Ice (Graftgold/Renegade Software, 1993)
00:15:36 – Gods (The Bitmap Brothers/Renegade Software, 1991)
00:27:25 – Super Angelo (Wiering Software, 1997)
00:36:21 – Prehistorik 2 (Titus, 1993)
00:57:44 – Ski or Die (Electronic Arts, 199)
01:20:15 – 4-D Boxing/4D Sports Boxing (Distinctive Software/Electronic Arts, 1991)

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis demo

Here’s a pretty cool Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Lucasarts, 1992) interactive demo. A choice of the part is somewhat surprising, as this is something that happens rather late in the game (Spoilers!). I’ve decided to stick with MT-32 music for this one.

A slightly larger than the floppy demo in file size, this is a really short demo designed to showcase the upcoming CD talkie version of the game (1993). Nothing particularly special about it, just a cutscene from a game that doesn’t even feature Indy himself. Recorded with Sound Blaster sound.

Download both demos:

Final January 2017 stream archive (1/28/2017)

In case you didn’t make it to my Saturday night stream, here it is archived on YouTube:

Games that were played:
00:05:31 – Monkey Island Demo (Passport to Adventure)
00:22:00 – Ken’s Labyrinth (4 different versions)
00:37:30 – Arcade Volleyball
00:44:32 – Tom & Jerry
00:51:05 – Tom & Jerry: Cat-astrophe
00:56:30 – Mach 3 and Skweek
01:02:20 – Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement
01:04:49 – Donkey.bas
01:12:20 – Micro Machines
01:22:32 – Mario & Luigi
01:34:25 – QBasic demonstration
01:40:45 – Sobor (Соборъ)
01:46:50 – QBasic Nibbles
01:57:00 – Hugo the tv troll

Wolfenstein 3D review

Join me as I recall my first time encountering the legendary American spy William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz, and his heroic adventures in samey looking Nazi fortresses known as Wolfenstein 3D (id Software/Apogee Software, 1992). Why are all the turkey dinners on the floor? Is that some sort of a German thing? Mein leben!

MobyGames page:
Buy Wolfenstein 3D + Spear of Destiny from GOG:
Buy Wolfenstein 3D on Steam:
Buy Spear of Destiny on Steam:
Buy Wolfenstein 3D from 3D Realms:
Download/Play Wolfenstein 3D shareware:

DOS Nostalgia Podcast #25: More Awesome DOS Game Tunes

I’ve decided to play DJ again and present to you another selection of cool tunes from DOS games. Relax and enjoy this CD, General MIDI, AdLib, MT-32, and tracker music.

Download MP3:

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Impromptu Patreon stream

Decided to throw an unplanned stream for DOS Nostalgia patrons. Played a few random games. Thanks to everyone who stopped by despite Game Done Quick and The Golden Globes.

WARNING: Strong language throughout, ESPECIALLY when playing Zorro.

Games in this stream: Croustibat, Zorro, Crow (Ворона), Tetris Classic, and Bart vs. Space Mutants.

Croustibat fish sticks commercial I mentioned:

DOS Nostalgia Snowed In Live Stream

Got snowed in Saturday night. Decided to check if I could actually stream a few games despite my crappy machine & slow internet. Turns out, I can! Check out the archived version:

Games in this stream: Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion, Alley Cat (PCjr), Build engine tech demo, Ukrainian hack of Captain Comic, Perestroika, Choose an Enemy, Wolfenstein 3D, and Alone in the Dark.

Full Throttle demo

Here’s an interactive demo of Full Throttle (Lucasarts, 1995). This huge (over 170 megabytes) demo was obviously meant for coverdisks, and despite its size is rather short. It’s just a few interactive sequences sandwiched between two in-engine trailers for the game. Most interesting thing is the narration that was recorded specifically for this demo, and is absent in the final game.

Download the demo here:

Xmas Wolf and 2016

As this year is coming to an end I play a little bit of Xmas Wolf and sum up my experiences of 2016. Happy New Year!

Play Xmas Wolf in your browser:

Creative Music System animated demos & music

Creative Music System (later repackaged as “Game Blaster”) was Creative Labs’ first attempt at entering the IBM PC sound device market. While it offered interesting features for the time, such as stereo sound, its not exactly impressive square-wave music synthesis and limited software support contributed to its failure, as AdLib was winning the customers over. Original CMS package included several floppy disks with animated demos & music. I have compiled all of them in this video. Enjoy.

Note that this recording was made using DosBox, and is slightly different from the real thing.

MicroProse Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from DOS Nostalgia!

Here are two electronic Christmas cards from MicroProse, distributed on their BBS. Recorded with General MIDI music.

Download them here:


MS-DOS Games in 1991

Travel back in time with me to 25 years ago and enjoy this compilation of 82 DOS games from 1991. (P.S.: Stick around for the credits)

Skunny games

Today I take a look at six games starring Skunny Hardnut, an attempt at creating a PC shareware mascot by a Belgian company Copysoft. Grab a sticky nut pudding & join Skunny on his adventures in the Middle East, the Moon, a forest, Ancient Rome, the Wild West, and an alleged case of copyright infringement.

MobyGames page for the series:,0/so,1a/
Copysoft website:

The Art of The Colonel’s Bequest

Today I present to you time-lapses of background art from a Sierra On-Line classic The Colonel’s Bequest. Until the VGA era Sierra stored background art for their games in a vector format, which allows for it to be displayed step by step to essentially see how it was created by the artists. Please enjoy this gorgeous, dark, and detailed art set to the beautiful MT-32 music from the game.

You can download all background art from the game here (x4 scaled PNG):

MobyGames page of the game:

Vorona\Ворона\Crow – Russian DOS game

Today I take a look at a classic Russian DOS game Ворона [Vorona\Crow] (ONP, 1992), a game that has colorful VGA graphics, humorous setting based on Russian folk tales, and terrible controls. Join me as I go through the game and share some of Russian folklore with you, as well as complete my personal 24 year long quest of finishing this game.

Play original version:
Play international version:

Let’s play Doom 2D part 4

I finally reach the part of the game where maps designed by Russian teenagers officially stop being quaint, and become annoying.

Fuzzy’s World of Miniature Space Golf soundtrack

Check out this upbeat soundtrack from an obscure shareware title Fuzzy’s World of Miniature Space Golf (Pixel Painters Software, 1995). The game uses Loudness sound system, the same one used in Tyrian. Unfortunately no composer is credited.

Download MP3 archive here:

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Hugo’s House of Horrors

Today I take a look at a shareware classic Hugo’s House of Horrors (Gray Design Associates, 1990). Chances are that if you had a computer in the early 90s, and access to a shareware collection, you’ve played this game. But was it actually any good? Let’s find out!

Play Hugo’s House of Horrors:
Play Hugo II: Whodunit?:
Play Hugo III: Jungle of Doom:

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Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark

France is known for many things, but videogames were never really a part of them. Strange because France produces a lot of games, but especially so because back in the days of the PC boom of the 80s and 90s a lot of beautiful & genre breaking games came out of France. Alone in the Dark was one of them.

Developed by a small team in a company called Infogrames under the lead of Frédérick Raynal, a young programmer with a passion for 3D graphics and horror films, Alone in the Dark was a survival horror game released in 1992 for IBM PC compatibles. At the time there was nothing else quite like it. I remember seeing the intro for the first time and feeling rather uneasy as I saw a flat shaded polygonal 1920s car drive down a moody hand painted background of a sunset lit road towards an old mansion. Not only this graphical technique was unusual for the time, but the art itself communicated the feeling of dread. The entire introduction sequence is your character slowly making their way from the gate of the mansion to the attic while some possibly undead entity is watching.

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Let’s play Doom 2D part 3

Third part of my Doom 2D let’s play. This time I only manage to finish one level, and immediately get torn to shreds in the next one. Enjoy.