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“Loom” review

An adventure with a twist and probably the most underrated LucasArts game. Music, magic, a whole bunch of swans and absolutely no inventory in this 1990 EGA gem. Tchaikovsky is probably spinning in his grave, but who cares? This short and sweet interactive story will help you relax and kill an hour or so. Mobygames […]

“Fantastic Dizzy” Review

A 7th entry in Codemasters’ Dizzy series, the game is largely unknown outside Europe. The cult 8-bit egg-like hero returns in his 16-bit outing. MobyGames page: Visit PS I might add that my preferred version of the game is actually on the NES (I had the first, non-Alladin version), and that graphics are […]

“Alley Cat” review

A classic IBM PC title, full of cuteness and charm with all of the attributes of the games of the time (such as CGA graphics and a tiny executable). Provided me with hours of fun when I was a little kid. MobyGames page:

Alley Cat? Maybe not…

Just added a quick list of links. Doesn’t look too hot, but at least it’s something. Take a look, it’s in “pages” right there on the left. After working on “Alley Cat” episdode for a few hours I’ve realized that I shouldn’t have picked a game with so much stuff in it as my first […]