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“Another World” aka “Out of This World” review

A creation of Eric Chahi (who did everything but the music for the game), Another World is a game that aged exceptionally well. No HUD, no speech, no useless text, just the good old visual storytelling in this groundbreaking action adventure. Be prepared to die a lot and then cry for more when the game […]

“Castle Wolfenstein” review

A prisoner is trying to escape from the nazi fortress in this classic game that arguably started the whole ‘stealth’ genre, Castle Wolfenstein. A quality pc-booter title that was light years ahead of its time. Mobygames page: Castle Wolfenstein: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein:

“Manhunter: New York” review

A dark and twisted adventure from the early days of Sierra On-Line. Aliens, corpses, mazes and plenty of arcade sequences in this little known, but still kind of charming game. Bring a pen, some paper and a lot of patience. Mobygames links: Manhunter: New York – Manhunter 2: San Francisco – The Murry […]