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“Happy Birthday!” (Nikita, 1995) a Russian edutainment game playthough

“Happy Birthday!” is a cool little edutainment game developed & published by Nikita Ltd. in 1995. It’s actually a rather well known title. It was marketed as a game which supposed to teach your child English, but I personally think it falls short in that aspect. But it’s still a fun little game with colorful […]

“Black Zone” introduction

The introduction sequence and a tiny bit of gameplay from a Russian MS-DOS game “Black Zone” (DOKA Company, 1995, CD-ROM release). Made by Aleksey Silaev, it appears to a be a spiritual successor to his little known gem “Mick”. This game is very rare and almost completely unknown even in Russia.

“Blood” help screen

Was just reminiscing about this on the podcast, so I just HAD TO make a video of it, so it could be preserved: The magnificent HELP section from the classic DOS first person shooter Blood. We need more stuff like that in games today.   Buy Blood: One Whole Unit here:

DOS Nostalgia Podcast #03: Build Engine

A renowned adventure game developer and artist Ben Chandler joins yours truly to discuss (what else?) a bunch of (mostly) classic DOS first person shooters made using Ken Silverman’s legendary Build Engine. Download MP3: DOS Nostalgia Podcast #3: Build Engine

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