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DOS Nostalgia Podcast #04: Early Days of IBM PC

In this episode Jim “Trixter” Leonard takes us back in time to the early days of IBM PC. We discuss the birth of PC, its clones and notable games of the first decade of pc gaming. Jump into your Flux Capacitor equipped DeLorians! Download MP3:

Quake Redone Quick

This is the original 1999 release of Quake Redone Quick, a complete Quake 1 speedrun on Nightmare difficulty in 14:32 by just one person – Ingmar “Nagasaki” Poerner. Although this speedrun was later improved on and released in a variety of versions, this original release is still my personal favorite. The video includes the whole […]

Random DOS Stuff vlog #01 – Free stuff

Sorry for the sound pops – new microphone. Anatoly’s Twitter Here are all the links: Ancient DOS Games Pixelmusement channel Executioners Shadow Warrior Classic BloodCM Blood on GOG Witchaven & Capstone games source code

GAG: The Impotent Mystery playthrough (ГЭГ: Отвязное Приключение)

A complete playthrough of a 1997 Russian Windows game GAG: The Impotent Mystery (ГЭГ: Отвязное Приключение) with a commentary by yours truly & a special guest Igor Artyomov. This quirky Russian FMV adventure game from Auric Vision & ZES’t Studio has tons of immature jokes, really high production value, poisonous penguins and an English version, […]