“Ivan Lozhkin: Price of Freedom” Russian Space Quest ripoff playthrough

Иван Ложкин: Цена Свободы is a 1998 Russian adventure game that is relatively obscure even in the Motherland. I’ve seen a bunch of ads for it in various magazines throughout ’98, but only seen it in a store once. It was never hiding the fact that it was… erm… “inspired” by the Space Quest series by Sierra and even used graphics and music from the VGA version of Leisure Suit Larry in a failed attempt at an in-joke.
I’ve decided to show the complete playthrough, but I won’t be translating any of the dialogue – trust me, it’s not worth it. Now it’s just interesting to see a commercial game that came out years after the games it was referencing, and yet was still inferior to them in every aspect. Written in Turbo Pascal and suffering from deadly pascal runtime error 200 (dig up you 486!) the game hasn’t aged gracefully to say the least.

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