DOS Nostalgia Podcast #04: Early Days of IBM PC

In this episode Jim “Trixter” Leonard takes us back in time to the early days of IBM PC. We discuss the birth of PC, its clones and notable games of the first decade of pc gaming. Jump into your Flux Capacitor equipped DeLorians!

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  • […] on a podcast, yo "@dosnostalgic: @MobyGamer takes us back in time to the early days of IBM PC:" […]

  • Regarding the “Booter” nomenclature – the Amstrad PC1512 that was our family’s first PC came with 3 such games (at least the edition we had) – Bruce Lee, PSI-5 Trading Company and Tag Team Wrestling. They were described in the documentation as “Turnkey programs”. I have no idea if that term was common – I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

    Btw, Tag Team Wrestling had its own DOS (QDOS) and only used one side – the other side could be accessed by putting the disk in upside down (despite the machine having dual sided drives) and contained Dambusters (as a DOS program, not a booter).

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