DOS Nostalgia Podcast #05: DOOM and games made with its engine

A pixel art maestro extraordinaire Ben Chandler returns to discuss one of the most important, successful and amazing PC games of all time – the mighty DOOM (and also other games made with its revolutionary engine.)

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There are 2 Comments to "DOS Nostalgia Podcast #05: DOOM and games made with its engine"

  • Tomer Gabel says:

    Strife was truly a brilliant and often-ignored game. I played it through (hadn’t owned it, but then it was never sold in Israel — and most PC games in Israel were severely pirated in that era) and really loved it. I’m not sure I’d consider it ahead of its time as most elements were already there in other games – System Shock, to name one – but it was extremely solid and thoroughly enjoyable.

    And yes, Doom 2 is one of the few games of all time I genuinely consider perfect 🙂 Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

  • […] an intense craving to try and finally finish this one after listening to DOS Nostalgia Podcast’s recent episode on Doom Engine games. Strife is a 1996 game by Rogue Entertainment, creators of several map packs for Quake II and […]

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