DOS Nostalgia Podcast #08: Space Quest

The Space Quest Historian himself, Troels Pleimert joins yours truly to discuss the glorious adventure game series by Sierra On-Line. Games are celebrated, bashed and defended. Sierra design philosophy is questioned.

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There are 2 Comments to "DOS Nostalgia Podcast #08: Space Quest"

  • carl says:

    I remember getting Space Quest on The Amiga though i never got far and gave up pretty quickly .. I think i got a copy quite late as around the same time i got The Legend of Kyrandia on the Amiga around the same time and that was much more easier to get into ..Then in played the Simon the Sorcerer, Discword, Monkey island etc and forgot about Space Quest …
    Great podcast !

  • Rosella says:

    Love your podcast Anatoly, Keep it up!

    Thank you (and the Troll guy) for the long review of one of Sierra’s great series.

    You’ve got yourself a dedicated listener 🙂


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