DOS Nostalgia Podcast #10: DOS Multiplayer (in Russia)

Russian retro guru Dmitry Bachilo joins yours truly to discuss our (limited) experience with DOS multiplayer technologies & games. The kind of stories you’ll only hear from Russians. So grab yourself some vodka, caviar & a bear, relax & enjoy.

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There are 3 Comments to "DOS Nostalgia Podcast #10: DOS Multiplayer (in Russia)"

  • daniel says:

    i love to see a fan from dos games and enjoy your podcast. Here are my list of simulteanous two player games you forgot to mention:

    Apogee Whacky Wheels( Combat oder Racing ;))
    Speed Haste

  • daniel says:

    Oh, i forgot BlueBytes Settler.

  • Alex Bleach says:

    I have good memories of playing Quake, over free server hosts in the UK. Heat, Ten and gamespy were really expensive – there were a few hosts for free, mainly based in the UK. On a 56K network the game ran pretty fluid. I played once until 6am in the morning and still didn’t get more than 10 kills per game, some of those player were amazing could dodge grenades and rockets. I never played Duke over network, but did play 3 player Duke 64, it was OK, was quite sluggish though.

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