DOS Nostalgia Podcast #12: Adult games

Natalie “Resulka” Juhasz joins yours truly to discuss various adult games for DOS. Warning: Leisure Suit Larry is NOT the kind of game we’re talking about. This podcast is not safe for work, families or just about anyone. Enjoy.

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There are 4 Comments to "DOS Nostalgia Podcast #12: Adult games"

  • Rosella says:

    I am actually still in the middle of the podcast (I hear it in the car, so now that I got to work I will wait till the drive back home to finish the podcast).

    I never played real porn games in the early days.

    It is a pity you said you won’t talk about Larry cause that was my (and many people’s) youth porn 🙂


  • Precious says:

    Oh man. I went to a Girls’ School in Melbourne and we totally did the Leisure Suit Larry thing in sleepovers. Always awesome to hear an Aussie perspective. Great job you guys, I’ve just discovered this particular oldschool gaming podcast and I can’t wait to catch up. 🙂

  • tsubasanut says:

    My-my, great review of basically all major porn games you can find in early 90th in Russia packaged on some CD disk like “Crazy collection” or “Classic Fond” (or even a separate one lately).
    Maybe i missed it , but did you skipped two Space Sirens games? They still should fall clearly into what you can describe as Adult games.
    Pro’s to Larry song on start. I dumped all soundtrack of 6th Larry’s to audio tape and listened the hell out of it.
    It’s really strange you brushed off VN class totally, but gone through JRPG selection of that time. I played “3 sister story” by chance several month after I’ve pretty finished with Interactive girls, loads strip pokers and whatever similar software I was able to get my hands on being a sex-crazed 17-teen years old student with lots of free time. And that was one 4 hours out of my life i’ll never forget. I seriously was not able to go back to all previous stuff, cause sex+romance+story combination never existed in them. They just seemed now so bland to me.
    But well, to each one it’s own.

  • Anatoly says:

    Thanks for listening. (Space Sirens aren’t for DOS.)

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