DOS Nostalgia Podcast #15: Real Time Strategy

Jake, a retro gaming enthusiast from Australia joins yours truly to discuss real time strategy games. The boom of the genre happened during the DOS days, so we had plenty to talk about. Join us as we travel through history from The Ancient Art of War to some of the biggest titles of the 90s.

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  • tsubasanut says:

    Many thanks for your podcasts, soo nostalgic for Russian me.

    As per request . i’ll throw in “my 5 kopeikas” about Ironseed which i loved and love still.
    Ironseed is a very strange game, It is a starflight/star control type “space exploration game” and only battles have RTS flavor. Travel stars. scan planets, Gather resources, craft weapons and other parts of your ship, level up crew to get more crafting receipts, talk with crew and aliens using keyword you think out or find. Battles are pretty unique, as well this whole game overall. Its really not for everyone, no offence. I do understand why most of the people describe this game with terms “tedious” and “clueless”. But to me a believable crafting lists, a big 8-sector galaxy “cube” with several hundred stars, a strange aliens, and overall mystery setting is just so entrancing. Just imaging travelling for thousands of life years, since you and your crew is basically a program matrixes! This game has one of most unique settings ever. If only plot was thicker, it will be a gem.
    It is a good “relaxing game” nevertheless, so i recommend to try it, maybe it will touch something in your heart, like it did to me.

    It’s free now on (via wayback machine sadly) and you can get source on Pascal if you like to tamper with it. I had a small chat with developer, he is a very nice guy. He still thinks about sequel some time, maybe now, in age on indies everywhere, it will be possible. I tried to persuade him to put it on GOG, if only to get fans flocking, but he was elusive about that. He noticed a lot of his fans were from Western Europe and ex-USSR space. And lightheartely commented that it was due to a “special distribution schema” here, otherwise known as “piracy”. And he doesn’t mind, just said “i’m glad that my game made some people happy!”

  • Me says:

    Interesting one,
    could you please also state somewhere the whole list?

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