DOS Nostalgia Podcast #16: 10 Favorite Game Tunes

For the first time ever I’m flying solo. In this podcast I introduce & play some of my favorite tunes from DOS games. FM, MIDI, tracker, and digital audio music is present. Relax & listen.

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List of songs:
Title: Laser Squad – Title (Matt Furniss)
Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge – Theme (Patrick Phelan) [Adlib]
One Must Fall 2097 – Menu music (Kenny Chou)
The Legend of Kyrandia – The Forest (Frank Klepacki) [Adlib]
Jazz Jackrabbit – Menu (Robert A. Allen)
Dune – Wake Up (Stephane Picq) [Adlib Gold]
Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness – Erana’s Garden (Aubrey Hodges) [General MIDI]
Goblins 3 – Goblins [Charles Callet]
Day of the Tentacle – Credits (Peter McConnell) [General Midi]
Supaplex – in-game music (David Whittaker) [Adlib]
Phantasmagoria – Take a Stand (Mark Seibert)

General MIDI music was rendered using ¥Weeds¥ soundfont.

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  • DOSfish says:

    This is wonderful, I knew a lot of these tunes already (grewing up with my first PC since 1991), but some were a surprise.
    The second last title is good, and as I heard the name David Whittaker, I was instantly reminded to the flight shooter game “Panther” on Atari 8bit systems. It was one of the very first computer games I played, and though I could never beat it, the in-game song stayed in my brain forever. Later on, with the availibility of internet, Youtube and nostalgia sites, I reloaded the game and played the tune every once in a while.
    I just recently found out the composer of it, which is – David Whittaker. He seemed to have composed a lot of tunes in the 80s and 90s. The one for Supaplex is also something staying in the ear. 🙂
    If you want to hear the tune I write about, either check out the Youtube link or the generated version from the tape on my site.

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