DOS Nostalgia Podcast #23: Spanish DOS games

Adventure game designer Agustín Cordes (Scratches, Asylum) joins your truly to point a spotlight at a rather obscure area of DOS gaming – Spanish language games. Lots of very difficult games in CGA colors are discussed, and some critique of obsolete design philosophies is present. Vamos a hacerlo!

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List of discussed games:
La Abadía del Crimen (Opera Soft, 1987)
Freddy Hardest (Dinamic Software, 1988)
Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan/The Guardian Angel (Iron Byte/Dinamic Software, 1989)
El Capitán Trueno (Dinamic Software, 1990)
Livingstone, I Presume?/Livingstone Supongo (Opera Soft, 1988)
Poogaboo: La Pulga II (Opera Soft, 1991)
Narco Police (Iron Byte/Dinamic Software, 1990)
Sol Negro (Opera Soft, 1988)
Risky Woods (Dinamic Software, Zeus Software/EA, 1992)
La Espada Sagrada (Topo Soft, 1990)
Mad Mix/The Pepsi Challenge (Topo Soft, 1988)
Los Templos Sagrados (Aventuras AD, 1992)
La Colmena (Opera Soft, 1992)

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