DOS Nostalgia Podcast #25: More Awesome DOS Game Tunes

I’ve decided to play DJ again and present to you another selection of cool tunes from DOS games. Relax and enjoy this CD, General MIDI, AdLib, MT-32, and tracker music.

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Music featured in this episode:
Rob Hubbard – Budokan Theme (Budokan) [MT-32]
Chris Brayman – Prelude to an Afternoon of Fawn (Leisure Suit Larry VGA) [MT-32]
Allister Brimble and Danny Burke – Body Blows Theme (Body Blows) [AdLib]
Jon Hare and Richard Joseph – Narcissus (Cannon Fodder) [MT-32]
Andrew Sega – Time Traveller (Crusader) [MOD]
Paul Mogg – High Scores (Tetris Classic) [AdLib]
Robert Holmes – St. George’s Bookstore (Gabriel Knight) [General MIDI]
Ilya Tchervonuk, Sergei Potapov, Dmitry Laptev, and Ivan Sokolovsky – Track #7 (Z.A.R.) [CD]
Ken Allen – Intro (The Colonel’s Bequest) [MT-32]
Imagitec – Medley (Hero Quest) [MT-32]
Gilles Douieb – Titicaca/Inca People (Inca) [CD]

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