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Things to run old games with


The best DOS emulator out there. That’s what I use to run my old games and it does the job perfectly.

Virtual PC

A virtual machine from Microsoft. Good for installing Windows 95/98 on it so you can run old Windows games.


One of the best porting projects. Runs all LucasArts adventure games, most Sierra adventures games and MORE!


Updated interpreter for the old Sierra games using AGI engine, but ScummVM does this too now.


Updated interpreter for the old Sierra games using SCI engine still very work in progress. ScummVM runs SCI games too now, making this obsolete.


The only living port of Duke Nukem 3D which also happens to be very good.


In my opinion this is the best Doom port of all!

Doomsday Engine

Another great Doom engine port with more added graphical features than any other.


Places to buy old games

Good Old Games

DRM free cheap downloadable old games. Always growing. Great selection of titles. Check it out.


Another great DRM free retro game store.  Great selection and  has some obscure titles to offer as well.

A fantastic site selling a ton of classic games for a variety of platforms. There’s so many to choose from! Also has frequent sales.

CD Acess

A lot of old games here. Originals in boxes, no downloads.


One can find anything on Ebay, including TONS of old games.

id Software

Get your Wolfenstein 3D, Doom & Quake here!

3D Realms/Apogee store

Apogee/3D Realms games as digital downloads. A lot of classic games.


AdventureSoft sells their own games. Get them here.

Other retro gaming stuff

Retro Remakes

TONS of remakes. Amazing site.

Retro Gamer Magazine

The best magazine out there. Subscribe now!

Angry Video Game Nerd

He’s the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard. He’s the angry videogame nerd.

The ultimate Dizzy fansite.

New Doom

All about Doom and its state today.

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