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Creative Music System animated demos & music

Creative Music System (later repackaged as “Game Blaster”) was Creative Labs’ first attempt at entering the IBM PC sound device market. While it offered interesting features for the time, such as stereo sound, its not exactly impressive square-wave music synthesis and limited software support contributed to its failure, as AdLib was winning the customers over. […]

The Art of Manhunter

Manhunter games were always special. Not only because of their unique approach to adventure gaming, but also because of their detailed, grotesque and often gruesome art. Because early Sierra games didn’t actually store graphics as complete images, it’s quite possible to see how these incredible low resolution pieces were created. Enjoy and try not to […]

“Manhunter: New York” review

A dark and twisted adventure from the early days of Sierra On-Line. Aliens, corpses, mazes and plenty of arcade sequences in this little known, but still kind of charming game. Bring a pen, some paper and a lot of patience. Mobygames links: Manhunter: New York – Manhunter 2: San Francisco – The Murry […]