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MS-DOS Games in 1991

Travel back in time with me to 25 years ago and enjoy this compilation of 82 DOS games from 1991. (P.S.: Stick around for the credits)  

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Edition unboxing

Today I tear the shrink wrap off a 1991 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons action game collection. This collection included Heroes of the Lance (U.S. Gold/SSI, 1988), Dragons of Flame (U.S. Gold/SSI, 1989), and Hillsfar (Westwood Associates/SSI, 1989).

Space Quest 1 VGA non-interactive demo

A rolling demo for Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (Sierra On-Line, 1991). Get it here:

“Gobliiins” review

This game is French. That doesn’t mean that it’s full of pretentiousness, baguettes and “le fromage”; instead it’s full of charm, puzzles and peculiar visuals. Three brave goblins are on a mission to save the King by solving brain twisting puzzles, and to help you get your daily dose of laughter along the way. Exploiting […]

“Duke Nukem” review

Cameras, robots, lasers, tons of pixel explosions and not a single bare breast in sight in the first game about everyone’s favorite ultimate alien ass kicker. Before 3D Realms was 3D Realms, before violence and controversy and before the black shades Duke Nukem was wholesome fun for the whole family. Mobygames page: Official page: […]

“Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion” review

Blast away deadly hordes of monsters on your way through a Haunted Mansion. Bloody gibs, frantic reloading and fast paced EGA action in this underrated gem from the early days of id Software. MobyGames page: Official page:

“Leisure Suit Larry (VGA)” review

One of the most known adventure gaming characters is a middle-aged balding traveling software salesman in a leisure suit. Yep. From Al Lowe comes an instant classic in this upgraded version with colorful graphics and great sound & music. Oh, and with a zipper icon in your interface. You know it’s gonna be good. MobyGames […]

“Another World” aka “Out of This World” review

A creation of Eric Chahi (who did everything but the music for the game), Another World is a game that aged exceptionally well. No HUD, no speech, no useless text, just the good old visual storytelling in this groundbreaking action adventure. Be prepared to die a lot and then cry for more when the game […]