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Vorona\Ворона\Crow – Russian DOS game

Today I take a look at a classic Russian DOS game Ворона [Vorona\Crow] (ONP, 1992), a game that has colorful VGA graphics, humorous setting based on Russian folk tales, and terrible controls. Join me as I go through the game and share some of Russian folklore with you, as well as complete my personal 24 […]

Nikita logo 1994

A cool animated logo of a Russian company Nikita only featured in one game (as far as I know) – White House Siege (aka Super Toppler), a sequel to their first international hit Perestroika. Sound from PC Speaker. The music is a classic tune by Mikhail Glika which was modern Russia’s first anthem (no lyrics) […]

Merry Christmas! (Nikita, 1994)

A Russian 1994 Christmas/New Year game. Just a little silly thing. If you don’t clean the steps in time, Santa comes out and falls on his ass.

“Happy Birthday!” (Nikita, 1995) a Russian edutainment game playthough

“Happy Birthday!” is a cool little edutainment game developed & published by Nikita Ltd. in 1995. It’s actually a rather well known title. It was marketed as a game which supposed to teach your child English, but I personally think it falls short in that aspect. But it’s still a fun little game with colorful […]

DOS Nostalgia Podcast #01: MS-DOS in post-Soviet Russia

A former video game journalist Igor Artyomov joins me in discussing Russian video games (and the state of Russian gaming in general) during the early 90s. Mild profanity. You’ve been warned. Download MP3: DOS Nostalgia Podcast #01: MS-DOS in post-Soviet Russia