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My Coktel Vision wish came true!

Greetings, everyone! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I’m a big fan of a French game company called Coktel Vision. For YEARS I wished there was a way to extract the wonderful OPL music from these games and now there is! Thanks to the most amazing Coktel expert Sven Hesse aka […]

5th Anniversary Contest!

It’s DOS Nostalgia’s 5th anniversary! Thank you, wonderful people of the Internet, for sticking around! I love your comments and tweets. And now is your chance to win a bunch of underrated games by guessing ten DOS games by their screenshots. Good luck!   We have a winner, the contest is now over. Thank you […]

Space Quest Historian – Foreign Quests

On the brand new episode of The Space Quest Historian show Troels, myself and Christian Giegerich discuss Space Quest releases in foreign territories. Well, just Russia and Germany, actually.

GAG. Coming soon

Coming soon to a PC near you, a complete playthrough of a 1997 Russian Windows game GAG: The Impotent Mystery (ГЭГ: Отвязное Приключение) with commentary by yours truly & a special guest Igor Artyomov.

“Black Zone” introduction

The introduction sequence and a tiny bit of gameplay from a Russian MS-DOS game “Black Zone” (DOKA Company, 1995, CD-ROM release). Made by Aleksey Silaev, it appears to a be a spiritual successor to his little known gem “Mick”. This game is very rare and almost completely unknown even in Russia.

“Blood” help screen

Was just reminiscing about this on the podcast, so I just HAD TO make a video of it, so it could be preserved: The magnificent HELP section from the classic DOS first person shooter Blood. We need more stuff like that in games today.   Buy Blood: One Whole Unit here:

Anatoly remembers #1: DOS games in 1992

With 2012 almost gone, I reminisce about 1992 and its MS-DOS releases. Sit back, relax and enjoy the showcase of 20-year-old pc gaming goodness.  

“Ivan Lozhkin: Price of Freedom” Russian Space Quest ripoff playthrough

Иван Ложкин: Цена Свободы is a 1998 Russian adventure game that is relatively obscure even in the Motherland. I’ve seen a bunch of ads for it in various magazines throughout ’98, but only seen it in a store once. It was never hiding the fact that it was… erm… “inspired” by the Space Quest series […]

Socially networked!

Yay! Now DOS Nostalgia has its own official facebook page! And also don’t forget to follow me on twitter. Stay tuned for more updates!

An apologetic vlog

I apologize for the lack of updates. Here’s something to waste 8 minutes on – me talking random stuff. Updates are coming as soon as I sort a few things out.