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Hugo’s House of Horrors

Today I take a look at a shareware classic Hugo’s House of Horrors (Gray Design Associates, 1990). Chances are that if you had a computer in the early 90s, and access to a shareware collection, you’ve played this game. But was it actually any good? Let’s find out! Play Hugo’s House of Horrors: Play […]

Wiering Software

Today I take a look at shareware and freeware games created by a one man team known as Wiering Software. Yes, some of them are more than a little “inspired” by Super Mario Bros., but is that really a bad thing? The games feature Mario, his cousin, a duck, a Dutch Santa Claus, and some […]

Spectrum HoloByte and Tetris sequels

Today I take a look at the first commercial release of Alexey Pajitnov’s masterpiece by Spectrum HoloByte, and games they have followed it up with when they proudly declared themselves “the Tetris people”. Sit back, relax, and take a look at the original version of Tetris, its Western commercial counterpart, Welltris, Faces, Wordtris, Super Tetris, […]

“Slam City with Scottie Pippen” review

Today I join a cast of stereotypes for a game of street basketball. Slam City with Scottie Pippen (Digital Pictures, 1995) is a game full of motion, video, and very questionable acting and humor. What you gonna get? Gonna get respect! MobyGames page:


A long overdue video about differences between versions of LucasFilm Games’ classic LOOM. I explain why I’m not really fond of the VGA CD-ROM update of the game. I also briefly touch on the FM Towns version. Long story short: play the EGA one. (P.S. You can still ask me about LOOM) My original review […]

“Alone in the Dark” review

An old Derceto mansion has zombies, demons, ghosts and a Chthonian. And now it also has you (in the role of a private detective Edward Carnby.) It’s now up to you to get out of the house, dispel the evil, save the world and your own life in the first 3D survival horror adventure inspired […]

“RoboCop 3” review

A police cyborg Alex Murphy once said: “They’ll fix you. They fix everything.” Well, nothing can fix a bad sequel like RoboCop 3, but there’s still a small chance that if you try really hard you can force yourself to think of this game instead of the movie when someone says “RoboCop 3”. Car chases, […]

“Gobliiins” review

This game is French. That doesn’t mean that it’s full of pretentiousness, baguettes and “le fromage”; instead it’s full of charm, puzzles and peculiar visuals. Three brave goblins are on a mission to save the King by solving brain twisting puzzles, and to help you get your daily dose of laughter along the way. Exploiting […]

“Duke Nukem 3D” review

Guts, guns, mutants, pixelated boobs and plenty of toilet humor in the third installment of Duke Nukem series. An instant classic of its day and a retro gaming legend that still lives on. But is it only tits and bathrooms that made Duke3D an enjoyable game? I beg to disagree. Duke Nukem 3D is in […]

“Duke Nukem II” review

Mr. Nukem swapped his pink EGA tank-top for a red VGA one, got himself an Arnie-like voice, an assortment of weapons, soundblaster music & sound effects, an in-level save feature and plenty of cosmetic improvements. But can the second Duke Nukem installment withstand the test of time?   MobyGames page: Official page: Buy […]

“Duke Nukem” review

Cameras, robots, lasers, tons of pixel explosions and not a single bare breast in sight in the first game about everyone’s favorite ultimate alien ass kicker. Before 3D Realms was 3D Realms, before violence and controversy and before the black shades Duke Nukem was wholesome fun for the whole family. Mobygames page: Official page: […]

“Full Throttle” review

Bikes, gangs, betrayal, asphalt and trouble in this amazing 1995 Tim Schafer masterpiece. A game with tons of charisma. An adventure game that coined the verb coin. Mobygames page: Amazon listing: Follow me on twitter:

“Jack in the Dark” playthrough and a holiday update

A quick playthrough of “Jack in the Dark” as well as some news on the future of Dos Nostalgia. Happy Holidays to all! Mobygames page:

“Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion” review

Blast away deadly hordes of monsters on your way through a Haunted Mansion. Bloody gibs, frantic reloading and fast paced EGA action in this underrated gem from the early days of id Software. MobyGames page: Official page:

“Leisure Suit Larry (VGA)” review

One of the most known adventure gaming characters is a middle-aged balding traveling software salesman in a leisure suit. Yep. From Al Lowe comes an instant classic in this upgraded version with colorful graphics and great sound & music. Oh, and with a zipper icon in your interface. You know it’s gonna be good. MobyGames […]

“Quake” review

More polygons than gamers ever saw in their whole life up until that point, but still not quite enough of them, in this 1996 id Software’s creation, along with 3D BSPs, lightmaps and a whole bunch of low resolution brownish textures. Thousands of internet multiplayer servers and total conversions followed the release. Two official mission […]

“Another World” aka “Out of This World” review

A creation of Eric Chahi (who did everything but the music for the game), Another World is a game that aged exceptionally well. No HUD, no speech, no useless text, just the good old visual storytelling in this groundbreaking action adventure. Be prepared to die a lot and then cry for more when the game […]

“Castle Wolfenstein” review

A prisoner is trying to escape from the nazi fortress in this classic game that arguably started the whole ‘stealth’ genre, Castle Wolfenstein. A quality pc-booter title that was light years ahead of its time. Mobygames page: Castle Wolfenstein: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein:

“Manhunter: New York” review

A dark and twisted adventure from the early days of Sierra On-Line. Aliens, corpses, mazes and plenty of arcade sequences in this little known, but still kind of charming game. Bring a pen, some paper and a lot of patience. Mobygames links: Manhunter: New York – Manhunter 2: San Francisco – The Murry […]

“Loom” review

An adventure with a twist and probably the most underrated LucasArts game. Music, magic, a whole bunch of swans and absolutely no inventory in this 1990 EGA gem. Tchaikovsky is probably spinning in his grave, but who cares? This short and sweet interactive story will help you relax and kill an hour or so. Mobygames […]