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Random DOS Stuff vlog #01 – Free stuff

Sorry for the sound pops – new microphone. Anatoly’s Twitter Here are all the links: Ancient DOS Games Pixelmusement channel Executioners Shadow Warrior Classic BloodCM Blood on GOG Witchaven & Capstone games source code

Anatoly remembers #1: DOS games in 1992

With 2012 almost gone, I reminisce about 1992 and its MS-DOS releases. Sit back, relax and enjoy the showcase of 20-year-old pc gaming goodness.  

“Ivan Lozhkin: Price of Freedom” Russian Space Quest ripoff playthrough

Иван Ложкин: Цена Свободы is a 1998 Russian adventure game that is relatively obscure even in the Motherland. I’ve seen a bunch of ads for it in various magazines throughout ’98, but only seen it in a store once. It was never hiding the fact that it was… erm… “inspired” by the Space Quest series […]

“Jack in the Dark” playthrough and a holiday update

A quick playthrough of “Jack in the Dark” as well as some news on the future of Dos Nostalgia. Happy Holidays to all! Mobygames page:

An apologetic vlog

I apologize for the lack of updates. Here’s something to waste 8 minutes on – me talking random stuff. Updates are coming as soon as I sort a few things out.